I wanted to let you know that I am now certified as a Medical Examiner and able to perform DOT physicals pursuant to the guidelines established by the FMCSA.
I’m intending to offer short wait times and flexible scheduling throughout the week at our clinic in Pelican Rapids and Thursday’s in Menahga.
The cost of the DOT physical will be $75.00.

Please contact the office for scheduling or further questions.

Introducing a Video Segment on Low Back Pain – Sacroiliac
Here at Gottenborg Chiropractic Clinic we strive to remain modern in regard to providing information upon wellness and because of this, have begun designing and creating video   segments.  We would like to introduce our second installment, “ Low Back Pain – Sacroiliac,” which can be accessed through the provided link.  Further, as each video segment is released, it will be accessible through our website:  Other topics to watch for include jaw pain/clicking, acid indigestion, and an introduction to our technique. 

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