In this issue,  I discuss what the distribution (location) of pain or numbness tells us about the cause and likely source of a pinched nerve, whether it occurs in neck, upper back or wrist. If you’ve been told you have carpel tunnel syndrome but your not convinced or suspect something different, then you’ll find this short video informative.


Pinched Nerve and Numbness


Dizziness – New Video Segment

In this issue, I’d like to introduce a segment on Dizziness (Vertigo) which can be accessed through the provided link below. Just Click on Vertigo – Causes and Treatments. The video last about 5 minutes. Further, as each video segment is released, it will be accessible through our website: Other topics to watch for include jaw pain, diaphragm pain (the forgotten segment), and pinched nerves.


Vertigo – Causes and Treatments

Dr. David Gottenborg of Gottenborg Chiropractic Clinic talks about Vertigo, why it happens and how it can be treated


I wanted to let you know that I am now certified as a Medical Examiner and able to perform DOT physicals pursuant to the guidelines established by the FMCSA.
I’m intending to offer short wait times and flexible scheduling throughout the week at our clinic in Pelican Rapids and Thursday’s in Menahga.
The cost of the DOT physical will be $75.00.

Please contact the office for scheduling or further questions.

Introducing a Video Segment on Low Back Pain – Sacroiliac
Here at Gottenborg Chiropractic Clinic we strive to remain modern in regard to providing information upon wellness and because of this, have begun designing and creating video   segments.  We would like to introduce our second installment, “ Low Back Pain – Sacroiliac,” which can be accessed through the provided link.  Further, as each video segment is released, it will be accessible through our website:  Other topics to watch for include jaw pain/clicking, acid indigestion, and an introduction to our technique. 

Cruciferous vegetables, like Spanish Black Radish, contain some unique compounds that increase the expression of enzymes responsible for toxin elimination.

First introduced in 1981, a Standard Process product can prompt the body’s detoxification enzymes and support toxin elimination according to a human trial published in December 2014.

Over a four-week period, the study compared the rate of how two factors were processed before and after consumption of the supplement, including acetaminophen (Tylenol) and a low level of an estrogen derived hormone found in men, 17B-estridiol.

The research confirms that Spanish Black Radish can contribute to the body’s normal, balanced detoxification processes and assist in the elimination of natural toxins in the body.

Spanish Black Radish can also be found in Livaplex, a Standard Process supplement first introduced in 1969.

Livaplex is foundational support for the liver and one that I incorporate into my daily plan.

  • Supports healthy liver and gallbladder function
  • Supports the body’s normal toxin-elimination function
  • Encourages healthy digestion of fats
  • Enhances bowel function
  • Encourages healthy bile production

Here at Gottenborg Chiropractic Clinic we strive to remain modern in regard to providing information upon wellness and because of this, have begun designing and creating video segments.  We would like to introduce our first segment of “Hair Analysis and Symptom Survey”, which can be accessed through the provided link.  Further, as each video segment is released, it will be accessible through our website:  Other topics to watch for include jaw pain/clicking, lower back pain, and an introduction to our technique.

Video Segment: Hair Mineral Analysis and Symptom Survey


In addition, if interested upon review of “Hair Analysis and Symptom Survey”, each component, including the hair analysis process and symptom survey are available at our office.  The symptom survey is free of charge and can provide an influential base to address the symptoms you are experiencing.

Because this joint relies on strong ligaments for support and stability, any condition, including injury, poor posture or overuse can loosen the ligaments causing varying degrees of instability.

Patients sometimes might question the value of their adjustment as sometimes the benefits are short-lived. These are some suggestions we provide to our patients when there is instability involving the sacroiliac joint.

If at all possible avoid long-sitting and especially after an adjustment.

  • When sitting, keep the knees slightly higher than the hips. This might require using a stepstool when sitting in a recliner.
  • In some instances a foam wedge should be used when sitting. This changes the weight bearing load placed on the spine and pelvis.
  • Avoid sleeping on the side of pain or the side of which your doctor has made mention.
  • I encourage patients at bedtime to use a pillow between their knees to avoid strain on the low back and pelvis.
  • Use ice of the SI joint six to eight minutes, three times daily for 2 – 3 weeks.
  • Avoid bending at the waist for any length of time without support.

The answer depends upon if you’re looking for relief or a solution.

Antacids like Tums might provide fast temporary relief but when taken repeatedly, the problem can actually worsen. There’s always a tradeoff.

Antacids stop the digestive process, and partially digested, rotting food is forced through the rest of the digestive tract. Not a pretty picture. This is also true of acid stoppers like Zantac, Nexium, and especially Prilosec.

Minerals depend on a strong acid medium in the stomach for digestion and absorption. Antacids and acid stoppers create just the opposite effect in the stomach and so make it almost impossible to digest calcium and most other minerals (so much for Tums).

 We think that at least 90% of those suffering from “acid indigestion” are in reality suffering from too little stomach acid.

Here’s how it works: When you eat a meal, the stomach is designed to produce strong acid to begin the digestive process, especially of proteins. When there is too little stomach acid, the food sits too long in the stomach undigested, and begins to ferment. The gas produced, rich in acids is what causes the feeling of acid indigestion.

The real solution is simple. There are natural and very effective supplements to assist digestion and help your body to repair its own digestive ability. Ask your doctor about the appropriate supplements and course of action.

I describe any difference between the length of one leg to the other as either true or apparent.

 A true difference I leg length is anatomical and can be confirmed with a standing X-ray of the pelvis and a tape measure. In the second instance, the legs are of equal length but one appears shorter. The underlying cause is always secondary.

 One if the most common contributing factors is a fallen arch. Other contributing factors include alignment, scoliosis, and muscle tension.

 In either case, there is a distortion pattern created that may contribute to arch and heel pain (fasciitis), knee or lateral hip pain (bursitis), and finally low back pain.

 Since 1984, I’ve provided flexible and semi-rigid arch supports as a means to support the fallen arch while stabilizing the knee, hip, and lower back.

Elevated estrogen levels are not all that uncommon today with the emphasis on looking and feeling good.

The most common leading agent is birth control and the progesterone creams that are credited for balancing hormonal levels during menopause. But don’t forget the subtle and cumulative effects of anti-aging creams, including many make ups that promote healthy skin while introducing estrogen as an additive. Testosterone is cleverly hidden in a product publicized to lengthen eyelashes.

Hormone disrupters found in many of the man-made chemicals have been introduced into the food and water supply and the environment.

 So what does copper have to do with estrogen?  Elevated copper levels (hair mineral testing) often accompany elevated estrogen levels and its effects are wide ranging. We know elevated levels are associated with adrenal function and for that reason may contribute to irregularities in blood sugar, cravings, thyroid function, immune support, anxiety and depression, and heightened allergies.

 In a more recent case, an elevated copper level exaggerated the client’s response to wheat where she broke out in a rash even with a minimal exposure.

Hair Mineral Testing

For years, we’ve incorporated hair mineral testing as a screening test that measures the mineral content of your hair. The screen test can be used to reduce the guesswork involved when recommending nutritional supplements and dietary modifications.

One of the important benefits is to pinpoint the development of metabolic tendencies long before symptoms develop and in discussion today, hormonal imbalances.

Every time we’ve checked our results against either blood or saliva as a source for testing, the results correlate.

Lynn comes to us from Sebeka, Minnesota,  a graduate of Wadena-Minnesota State Community and Technical College, with a certificate in Massage Therapy.

Prior to her start with us, she shadowed a long-time friend of mine and associate, Ernest Huhta CMT, at our facility in Menahga.

Appointments can be scheduled with Lynn Monday’s and every other Friday in our  Pelican Rapids Clinic.

(218) 863-2134